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Justin Boehm, CPO


Expert in Prosthetic and Orthotic Care

I am a seasoned Prosthetist-Orthotist renowned for my expertise in designing, fabrication, and fitting advanced prosthetic and orthotic devices. My dedication to biomechanical precision and patient functionality sets me apart, while my meticulous documentation and compliance skills make me an ideal asset for legal contexts. My pivotal role at one of our nations most prestigious military prosthetic facilities and work within the multidisciplinary team underscores my proficiency in amputee and osseointegration care. During my career, I've not only managed clinics and overseen operations but also fostered crucial relationships with regional healthcare institutions. With a comprehensive skill set that spans diverse prosthetic and orthotic devices, research engagements, and education, I am well-prepared for an unbiased expert witness role in legal services. My knowledge and experience extend to the latest technological advancements, ensuring I remain at the forefront of my field.

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